• September 21, 2021

Are you paying too much?

Real estate broker salaries in the United States can vary widely, depending on your industry and the job you do.

The average annual salary for a real estate agent is $80,000, according to salary tracking site PayScale.

That’s a good deal, but real estate agents also earn a median annual salary of $77,000 in the Bay Area, $71,000 nationally, and $72,000 nationwide.

The median salary for software engineers is $82,000.

Salary ranges may vary for other jobs as well.

For instance, the median salary in information technology is $87,000 and for legal assistants, $98,000 across all industries.

You may also be paying more for health insurance or retirement plans.

Real estate agent salaries, however, are among the highest in the country, according of PayScale data.

In the Bay area, median annual salaries for agents in the city of San Francisco average $96,000; in the San Jose metropolitan area, it is $95,000 for an associate.

In addition to being among the most highly paid professions in the U.S., real estate is also a popular career for students.

According to PayScale, real estate graduates make more than 70 percent of all the students in the region’s public universities.

And while the average real estate sales agent salary is around $90,000 annually, the typical agent has a median salary of just $60,000 according to PayScore.

In 2018, the Bay County, California-based real estate market experienced the strongest year in years.

In September, the San Francisco Bay Area saw its worst month since the Great Recession, as the region saw a record-high foreclosure rate and prices continue to skyrocket.

That makes real estate a great opportunity for those seeking a steady income.

The Bay Area is also home to the nation’s top two medical schools, the University of California and San Francisco Medical Center.

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