• May 25, 2021

Belize realtor’s new home sold for $1.5M and features a pool

A Belize condo is now worth more than $1 million thanks to a buyer who moved in with the condo’s owners.

The condo at 527 S. Main St. in Belize City has been in the rental business for seven years, and had a long list of customers, including the family of a friend.

Belize Real Estate has been selling apartments for less than $200,000 a year for more than a year, said Chris Van der Ploeg, who owns the property with his wife and two children.

Van der Ploeg said he bought the property in October 2016 for $100,000, and was shocked when he learned the price was $1,521,900.

He said he didn’t realize the condo had such a large price tag.

Van de Ploep said he and his wife have lived in the condo for almost two years, which has included several visits to the beach.

Van de Ploegs parents were living in Belizas family home.

He lives in his own home in San Juan Capistrano, but rents the apartment, and said the condo is a nice home.

“We just want to be able to enjoy our vacation every once in a while, and not have to worry about the rent or what to do with the money,” Van de Ploeg said.

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