• October 28, 2021

Crain’s Chicago Real Estate blog: Crain ‘s Chicago real estate blog: Chicago real-estate blogger Crain Skelton says Chicagoans are getting fed up with gentrification and want to keep the city vibrant and affordable. The Chicago realist has been on a crusade against the rising number of luxury condos, condominiums and townhomes popping up in the city and in neighboring suburbs. In his latest blog post, he lays out his case against the new condo-dwellers: “If I’m not wrong, it’s a sign of gentrification. If you’re in Chicago and you see a condo, you’re looking at a new development,” he said in the video. “People want to live in condos, and they want to buy condos. The condo-owners have done a tremendous job of trying to keep it affordable.” The

goes on to explain that the number of condos in Chicago rose to 3,100 in January, from 2,700 in December, a growth of nearly 50%.

“You have more condos than you did 10 years ago, and people are really buying condos.

There are a lot of people who are just not buying anymore, and that’s what’s driving up the prices,” he added. 

Crain’s Crain blog is a daily digest of the latest news from real estate and business.

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