• July 2, 2021

How Allegheny County real estate license expired, city of Allegheny to start buying properties

Allegheny, Pennsylvania – A county real-estate license expired Thursday, prompting city officials to start planning for the sale of some properties.

The expiration came a day after Allegheny Township Mayor Bob Cooter issued a request to the Allegheny Planning Board for a request for proposals, the Alleghenys Pittsburgh Post-Gazette reported.

The expiration comes after Alleghenies Planning Board unanimously approved the purchase of more than 40 properties from the county, which includes the Allegianton, the city of Pittsburgh and surrounding suburbs.

A new owner is being selected in May, and the sale is expected to begin in 2018, the Post-gazette said.

Cooter said the county’s property-tax revenue is down by $5 million since the license was renewed in February.

Allegheny officials have proposed to the state to raise taxes on some properties to help pay for the new owners, Cooter said.

The proposed property-transfer tax would apply to the sale price of any property.

The Allegheny Property Board will meet next week to discuss the county sales proposal, the Associated Press reported.

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