• September 15, 2021

How to apply for the real estate licenses in Pittsburgh and West Virginia: The big questions

Pennsylvania and West Virginians will get their first real estate licensing authority in less than a week as part of the Real Estate Association of America’s (RAIA) licensing deadline.

The state and West Va. will open up new licenses for residential and commercial property starting April 10.

The new licenses allow a buyer to start a property and a seller to start selling property.

The licenses are part of a deal to help rebuild the financial infrastructure of the economy and create jobs, and they also come with a price tag of $25,000 per property.

“The real estate industry needs real estate licensure,” said John L. Stossel, president and CEO of the RIIA, a nonprofit group dedicated to the realty industry.

“Real estate licenses will be a lifeline for many struggling real estate owners in the state and will help the industry thrive in the months ahead.”

The two states will have their licenses open for one year, starting April 12, and the licenses will only be renewed if they are renewed.

The first licenses will open on Monday, April 10 and are available for a $25 fee and two years.

There are no specific licensing requirements.

“This will make the state more competitive in the market and make it more attractive to buyers,” said Jim Ritter, chief operating officer of the West Virginia Office of Realtors.

“I’m confident that West Virginia will continue to be a great place to buy and sell real estate.”

The real estate association is asking the public to submit applications in a survey that will be posted on its website.

The deadline for applications will be April 13, but there will be another round of applications due April 19.

The realty association’s board is expected to announce the winners of the first licenses within weeks, and will decide on the winners in June.

The licensees can be found on the website of the state’s Bureau of Real Estate Management.

For the next year, realty licensees will have a choice of three types of licenses.

They can either renew for a total of four years or for a fixed number of years, but only one of those can be renewed for a period of time that exceeds the current five-year license term.

The other two types of licensees must have a current license.

The next round of licenses will expire on June 30.

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