• November 30, 2021

How to get a real estate loan in LA: $50,000,000 to buy a house in a small town

Posted February 13, 2019 09:56:49 The price of a house is the main driver for homebuyers in LA, but if you need help getting a loan in the state, you can apply for it through a new lending platform called Fannie Mae Home Loans.

The platform is set to launch next week, and it will allow anyone with $50k in disposable income to apply for a $50 loan from Fannie.

That amount would allow them to buy their first home in a $1.9M house or condo in the LA area.

Fannie is hoping the platform will help them save on the fees associated with Fannie’s mortgage insurance, which is the standard, mandatory mortgage insurance coverage.

The company is also looking to expand its loan pool to include more borrowers.

The application process will take at least 30 days, but Fannie expects to launch the service sometime in early March.

There are a lot of variables to consider when it comes to a loan application, but it is possible to qualify for a loan using an online application.

Here are the requirements and steps to follow to get your loan approved.


Determine your income and assets.

Fannies website says you must have an annual income of at least $75,000 or have assets of at at least 25% of your total disposable income.

For those who have an income of under $50K, you’ll need to have assets between $50-75K, but those who fall into the $50M+ category should not worry about needing to apply.


Prepare your application.

You will need to submit a complete, financial statement, a copy of your credit report, and your income, assets, and bank statement.

You should also submit a copy or copy of any letters of credit you may have that have been issued by a mortgage lender or other loan provider.


Check the credit score of your lender.

Fidelity has an average credit score from 1.00, and Equifax has a 1.30.

Bankrate has an overall average score of 3.00.

The loan company should be able to provide a list of the lenders they have received applications from, but most banks do not have such information.


Send the application to the lender.

To get your Fannie loan approved, you will need the lender to send a letter stating that they have accepted your application and you have met all the requirements.

The letter will also be required to show that you have paid off your mortgage within 90 days.

If you do not meet all of the requirements, the lender may deny your application or even terminate your loan.


Pay your loan off in full.

Once your FHOA loan is approved, your payment will be processed by Fannie and it can be due in two to three business days.

FHAs loan terms vary based on the type of loan, but they typically range from $300,000 for a two-unit house to $1,500,000.


Apply for a Fannie Home Loans loan in L.A. This is the best time to apply because Fannie says it expects to begin accepting applications on March 1, but you can submit your application at any time, including before the launch.

The process should take about 10 to 15 days, depending on how much you owe and what the bank you have selected.


Apply to Fannie for a home loan.

If your lender does not accept your application, Fannie will send you a letter that you must pay off the mortgage within 30 days.


Get your mortgage loan.

The next step is to pay off your loan by putting in money into a bank account that is linked to your FHC account.

Fhrs website says that if you have $1M in income, you need to put $50 in a bank savings account, and if you don’t have enough income to pay your mortgage in full within the next two to four months, you must put $1 in a savings account.


Send your loan to Fhrds bank account.

After you send in the loan, Fhls bank will process your payment and send it to FHrs bank account, which will then be credited with the money you’ve already paid off the loan.


Refinance your loan with a FHre.

You’ll get a second loan from the Fhre, and the second loan will go towards the total cost of your mortgage, including the monthly payments.

Fhnrs website also has an estimate of the total costs of the second mortgage.

It’s likely to be more than $1K.

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