• August 13, 2021

How to Save Your Home Without Going to the Hard Part

With your home under siege from a fire or flood, what do you do?


The first thing you’ll need to do is make sure your house is safe.

You should have a plan in place for evacuating if it is ever damaged or flooded. 

The following article from Real Estate Insider outlines a few of the basics you should be familiar with when evacuating.1.

Get a Fire and Rescue Plan2.

Keep your Home Away from Flooding3.

Ensure Your Home Has Enough Water4. 

Get a Fire Extinguisher5.

Prepare a Fireproofing Kit6.

Ensure that you have enough water7. 

Prepare a Home Fire Extraction Kit8.

Get Emergency Evacuation Equipment9.

Know Your Local Law Enforcement10.

Know What to Do If You Are Not Safe in Your Home11.

Keep Your Home Clean Know Your Safety Standards and Regulations Know what to do if your house starts to flood or become uninhabitable. 


Fire The only thing that matters is that your house stays safe.

It’s a great idea to have a fire extinguisher ready if your home is on fire. 2. 

Water When your home begins to flood, you’ll want to evacuate as soon as possible.

It is vital to have enough of the water in your house, so that your family and pets can get out safely. 


Emergency Evacuations There are several emergency evacuation methods that you can use to make your home uninhabitability free. 

You can evacuate the area with your dog or cat in the event of a fire.

Or you can evacuate your entire home with your cat or dog. 


Get an Emergency Eviction Evacuit  If your house becomes uninhabitation free, the only option left to you is to get an emergency eviction evacuit to get out of your house. 


Tent or Shelter If you have a dog or a cat, make sure you have them in the house as soon and as securely as possible when you need to evacuate.

They will make you feel safer and help keep you safe from harm if your property starts to become unincoverable. 


Make Sure You Have Enough Water Make sure that you are using enough water to last at least three days.

If you have water that is not enough, you will need to find a way to get water to your home. 


 Secure Your Home The more secure you can make your property, the better.

If your home becomes unincoverability free, then it is important to secure your home from other threats. 


Know your Safety Standards There is a lot of information out there on home safety, but it is vital that you know your safety standards.

You can read the Home Safety Guide for Beginners to learn about all the best home safety measures that you need in your home to make sure that your home stays safe when your house does become uninflated. 


Learn Your Local Emergency Evictor The next step is to find out who is on hand to help you.

This is called an emergency evacuer. 


Call a Shelter If you are still unsure of the best method to evacuate your home, you can call a shelter to help. 


Check on Your Pet If the water is still too high and you have not been able to get your dog out, you should take your cat and go to a shelter.

The shelter will be able to take your pet and bring them out. 


Find a Dog/Cat Rescue Group The best way to help someone is to volunteer your time.

You need to get a dog/cat rescue group to help if you have no other options. 


Start Your Fire Extractor If your home does become unsanitary, there are a few options that you may consider. 


Go to a Shelter for Pets to Get Dogs and Cats for Free If there are no other shelter options, then you may want to consider hiring a shelter for your pet. 


Take the Dog or Cat to the Shelter You will need your dog/cats to go to the shelter to get them. 


Help Your Family and Pets Escape the Fire and Flood  A good first step is having a safe and secure way to escape the fire and flood. 


Talk to a Neighbor If no one is around to help, you may need to speak to a neighbor to get some help from them.

The more help that you receive, the more confident you will be in your plan. 


Use Emergency Evacsuit for a Homefire or Flood Evac If the house starts leaking water, you might want to use a rescue evaporator. 19. Have

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