• July 13, 2021

How to win a Montana real estate sale

Bozeman, Mont.

– The Montana Real Estate Board is set to vote on Thursday whether to allow a controversial new rule requiring the purchase of homes in rural areas to be made through a third party seller.

The proposal, which has been widely criticized, is intended to help alleviate some of the pain of the drought, but it could also have a devastating impact on small and medium-sized businesses.

The proposed rule, which would allow Montana sellers to list a home for sale through a company such as REI, could lead to fewer sellers choosing to sell in rural parts of the state, said the board’s chairman, John Stavros.

The rule is expected to face a public comment period of more than six months.

The Montana Real Property Board has been studying the rule for years.

In the past, the board has taken action to reduce the number of buyers of rural homes in Montana.

In 2015, the agency said it would stop buying properties in Montana for sale to people who live outside the state.

That year, the real estate board stopped buying properties for sale in the state for anyone who lived in the same ZIP code as the home they wanted to buy.

The board also announced it would allow sellers to use third-party agents to purchase properties for their clients.

The agency also has an application process for potential buyers.

“If we don’t allow people to buy their own properties, then that’s a big problem for rural areas,” said Stavro.

The Real Estate board has had to change its rules to allow for the new rule.

In 2016, the boards decision to allow sellers who use third party agents to buy property for their own clients to go into effect.

That was in response to a lawsuit filed by Montana farmers and ranchers who say they can’t sell their land to anyone who doesn’t live there.

Stavres comments came during a discussion about the rule in the board meeting.

In 2016, more than 300,000 properties in the Montana area were purchased through third-parties.

The board’s 2016 annual report said the rule changed the “market conditions for the sale of property in Montana, with fewer sellers willing to purchase and less sellers willing and able to offer the property.”

The real estate agency said in a statement that its goal is to allow all sellers to purchase property and that the rule will allow buyers to make informed decisions.

The Real Estate Association of Montana says it has received complaints about the impact of the rule and has already started to explore ways to help farmers and other small business owners.

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