• October 21, 2021

Howard Hanna’s real estate signs, the sign war, and his future

A real estate sign war is brewing in Dallas, Texas, where the mayor has called for a ban on the sign art and a ban to make the signs a “distraction”.

According to a tweet by Dallas News, the mayor’s office sent a letter to the City Council last week urging them to adopt a ban, but the city council voted to proceed with a resolution that called for removing all signs and advertising from the city’s downtown area.

This week, a group of sign makers, including a group called the Dallas Landmarks Preservation Society, filed a lawsuit in federal court claiming the city of Dallas had failed to provide notice of the ban and to protect the city from damage.

The group alleges the signs are not in compliance with city codes and “distract[ing] motorists, pedestrians and visitors from the surrounding area” and that the signs were designed to “disturb traffic”.

Dallas City Council members have voted to allow the signs to remain, but a spokesperson for the mayor, Jan DeBartolo, told Ars that the city has not yet approved the ban.

In an interview with the Associated Press, DeBartso said that the sign ban is “just a way to try to get our community back to being a more pedestrian friendly environment”.

“You’re going to see signs everywhere, but they’re not going to get up every night and stay up every evening,” DeBertoso said.

“This is not going anywhere.

We’re going back to the days of the old sign in the park.”

In a statement to the AP, the city said it is working with sign makers to develop a strategy to enforce the new rules, but it will not take any action until the sign artists are “reasonably confident that the new signage is not interfering with their work”.

“We will continue to work with our community and businesses to keep the streets a safe, beautiful and vibrant place to visit,” the statement said.

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