• July 5, 2021

‘I am not a bad guy’: A woman who had her house raided in Las Vegas real estate fraud case

A woman accused of duping real estate agents into selling her home and then evading taxes has been sentenced to eight years in prison.

Court documents obtained by CBC News show the 37-year-old woman, who has not been identified, pleaded guilty to five counts of tax evasion.

Her husband, who is the owner of the home, also pleaded guilty.

Both the couple and the man will be eligible for parole in 2026.

The trial of the woman began in January, when she pleaded not guilty to one count of tax fraud and five counts related to the scheme.

Court papers show she and her husband had been living in the house for a decade.

The couple allegedly made false statements to agents that they owned the property, but the house was registered as vacant.

In exchange, the agents allegedly agreed to let them build a home on the property.

The agents would later tell investigators that they were told the house could be sold to pay off debt owed by a real estate broker.

The woman told the agents that the house is owned by the real estate firm, and that she had agreed to pay them a $2.8 million loan to cover the debt.

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