• September 13, 2021

Is a new land development near you?

A new land developer is in talks with landowners who want to develop their land near the city of Boston, a project that’s drawing interest from both developers and landowners.

The Massachusetts Bay Municipal Corporation announced on Wednesday that it was exploring two projects that would use a site that has been underutilized for more than two decades as a temporary home for new development.

The two new developments, which would be built on former railroad tracks, would include one residential tower and another office building, according to the report.

The site currently houses a public housing project, but is mostly vacant.

Developers and landowners are interested in the site, and the report says they’ve already reached out to the city to see if it could be included in the proposed project.

The MMBC’s report also mentioned a development at the nearby site of a former mill that’s being eyed for redevelopment.

The mill, which is about 30 years old, was shut down in 2008 and was closed for a time.

The developers in that project are now looking to build a high-rise office tower on the site.

The report also talked about a potential site for a new hotel, but that project hasn’t been officially announced yet.

Landowners are asking for a 30-day notice to start construction, but the MMBA says that won’t be necessary.

They also want the city and developer to put in place some of the requirements for any development on their property, including a 10-year buffer period, which means developers won’t have to pay for the land when it’s developed.

The property is near the former railroad lines that ran through the city, and it’s a site in which a lot of rail infrastructure and roads once sat.

In a statement, the MBBMC said the proposed development would be in the vicinity of a proposed $50 million new transit hub and would create an additional 5,000 jobs in the area.

Development Is Supported By

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