• May 25, 2021

‘It was like an accident’: How Montana Real Estate courses got started in Las Vegas

When the course was first announced, students had to sign up on the website.

“It was a real shock,” said Stephanie Miller, a 22-year-old from Reno.

“I was like, ‘I can’t believe this is happening.’

It was like a really big thing.”

In Las Vegas, a few weeks later, Miller enrolled and got a copy of the program.

“You don’t have to register on the site,” she said.

“But I really enjoyed the classes.”

Ms Miller said she felt “very safe” after signing up.

She says the classes have been a huge success.

“The classes are fun, and the instructor is always encouraging students,” she added.

Ms Miller, who is from Reno, says the real estate course has helped her save money.

“We are living on a lot of savings and we have saved a lot for our down payment on our house,” she told ABC.

“Now, I am able to buy a house, which I never could have imagined I would be able to afford.”

The courses cost between $40 and $60 and Ms Miller’s savings have been reinvested into a home she’s buying.

The courses have also helped her get her mortgage in order.

“A lot of my friends and family are in debt,” she says.

“So I am now able to save more for my down payment.”

She said the courses have been “a real lifesaver” for her.

“Every time I go, I feel so confident that I am saving for my mortgage and my down payments,” she continued.

Ms Johnson, who has been teaching the courses for eight years, is also impressed by the way the classes are being used by students.

“Students are so enthusiastic, they come to classes, they don’t get bored, they just want to learn,” she explained.

“They are so excited, they’re passionate, they want to be involved, they are excited to learn.”

The Montana courses also have a positive effect on the community, with the majority of students having gone on to pursue a career in real estate.

“When I started working with the Montana course I thought it would be more like a school,” Ms Johnson said.

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