• October 26, 2021

How to Sell your Alabama real estate to a real estate broker who won’t accept your mortgage terms

A real estate agent in Alabama says you have to pay him or her $1,000 to get your home sold to you.And if you’re wondering how you can get a mortgage with him or herself, that’s because Alabama realty commission rules are so complicated that it’s very difficult for the public to figure out how…

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When the real estate bubble bursts: A look at the real-estate bubble’s demise

The real estate market is going to crash and burn.But the real money won’t.The real-property bubble, which is the most volatile and speculative of all financial bubbles, is in terminal decline, as we learn in the latest edition of “The Real Deal.”But that does not mean the market has come to an end.The housing market…

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How the Real Estate Industry Can Make a Deal with Trump to End Trump’s Anti-China Trade Campaign

California real estate developers are lining up behind a campaign by a Democratic senator to force the Trump administration to end its anti-China trade campaign.Sen. Kamala Harris, D-Calif., and Sen. Patty Murray, D, Wash., sent a letter to the Department of Commerce last week, calling on the Commerce Department to “immediately rescind President Trump’s anti-Chinese…

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When the news is good, the news are good

When news is great, the headlines are good, and when news is bad, the headline is terrible.That’s the logic of real estate market analysis.The key word here is “the news.”In recent months, news has been good for many, but in 2018 the market has been less rosy.While the price of oil has been dropping, the…

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Which Texas real estate commissions are the most lucrative?

TEXAS REAL ESTATE COMMISSIONERS PAY OUT AN average of $3,600 per year on the commissions they earn for all the services they do.That’s nearly $2,500 more than the average of just 10 Texas realtors.The Texas commission ranks as the 11th-most lucrative in the country.TEXAs realtory commission is the biggest in the nation, but Texas still…

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How to find a new Florida home for $250K real estate

The real estate market in Florida is booming, with the state ranking among the nation’s hottest markets.However, for those looking to buy or sell their home in Florida, the options are limited.This article is for informational purposes only and should not be construed as an offer to sell or an offer for sale, nor should…

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Alabama real estate agents report a $1.8 million loss in 2014

A new report from the Alabama Real Estate Commission shows the agency’s revenue from real estate commissions fell $1,849,906 in 2014, or a 0.3% decline from the previous year.The revenue loss was due to an increase in the amount of commissions earned by agents and a decline in the number of commissions offered, said the…

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How to Find Free Real Estate in Alabama

The number of free real properties in Alabama is up dramatically this year, as the state is facing a new wave of foreclosures and rising property values.The Alabama Department of Housing and Community Development says that it’s already surpassed the same period last year, when the state lost 2,400 real estate listings.However, the number of…

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What to expect when the market heats up next month

The market has been hot this month, and the pace is likely to pick up this week. The first real estate auction is slated for Friday in Sarasota, Florida.This is the latest auction that has been postponed as the market has cooled off a bit.The previous auction, held in September, was postponed to October, after the…

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