• September 24, 2021

Why I’m in a tight race to buy my next home – by email

I’m a young mother with two young boys, and one of them is already on the way to university. I’m also the proud owner of a house that is a couple of hundred kilometres north of where I live, and I’m already planning for the future. So why do I need to buy a new home? Well, it’s…

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How to win a Montana real estate sale

Bozeman, Mont.– The Montana Real Estate Board is set to vote on Thursday whether to allow a controversial new rule requiring the purchase of homes in rural areas to be made through a third party seller.The proposal, which has been widely criticized, is intended to help alleviate some of the pain of the drought, but…

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Which property is best to buy in Bozeman, Montana?

Real estate agents say buying a home in Boza­mantana is the best time to buy a property in Montana.Property prices are up by more than 80 percent in the past year and Bozemen are in the middle of a boom.But the real estate market is still very volatile.For some people, the excitement of the boom…

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