• September 20, 2021

‘Crazy’ real estate deal ends with cap rate increase

Los Angeles real estate agents say they’re shocked to learn the city’s cap rate will rise by 3.5 percent next year.The cap rate is the maximum allowable increase per person, regardless of age.For the average family of three, the cap rate would be $1,095.The increase will take effect in 2019, meaning that many agents who…

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How to pay for a mortgage in just six weeks

Credit cards and home equity lines of credit are the best way to get a mortgage on your home.And that’s just about the only thing you need to know before you can start paying it off.Here’s everything you need in just four weeks.1.How much does it cost?How much is a home mortgage?If you live in…

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How Real Estate Taxes Impact You

When it comes to real estate taxes, the numbers can be overwhelming.But when you take a look at the details of the tax code, there’s one thing that’s obvious.Tax brackets, as you know them, have an impact on your property taxes.While the federal tax rate, the average federal tax bracket for the years 2017 and…

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How much should you spend on your next vacation?

New York (AP) For those who can afford it, the next big vacation might not come until the end of 2019.But if you want to take a chance, some are looking to save big for the holidays.A new report by The Associated Press shows some people are spending more on their next trip than they…

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How to get a tax bill this year: How to pay less

San Diego real estate developer Bill Burchfield is looking at ways to reduce his taxes to offset the anticipated $4 billion in tax cuts he expects to get from President Donald Trump’s plan.The San Diego Board of Supervisors on Tuesday approved the Burchfields proposal to reduce tax bills, including the real estate tax, to offset…

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How the GOP-led Arizona Legislature could kill Arizona’s public housing program

AZ – The Arizona Legislature is set to vote on an amendment that would abolish the state’s public-housing program and leave the state with only 2,700 public housing units available to households earning less than 125 percent of the federal poverty level.The measure passed the House by a 21-12 vote Monday.It now heads to the…

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