• November 25, 2021

When California’s real estate bubble burst

Posted September 21, 2018 09:00:53A burst in California’s housing market has caused the state to fall behind other major U.S. markets in the last three months.The California Real Estate Association says the market is “overvalued.”California was the first to see a real estate market crash in the 1980s, as home prices soared, causing the state’s…

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Former New York City mayor and Trump ally says Donald Trump has ‘a plan’ to make it big in Las Vegas

Former New Yorkers Mayor Michael Bloomberg and Trump associate Jared Kushner are both trying to make the case that Donald Trump is on a “Plan B” to make real estate in the Las Vegas Strip and beyond profitable.Bloomberg said on Tuesday that he has been talking to Kushner and his business partner, George Soros, who…

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Why Utah’s Las Vegas development isn’t a success story

Posted July 07, 2018 12:32:17When you’re in Las Vegas, what you see and feel is what you get.So it was no surprise when the real estate industry in Las Venegas went belly up in the first quarter.It’s not the worst time to have a real estate crash.There was a good reason for that: the Las…

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When the news is good, the news are good

When news is great, the headlines are good, and when news is bad, the headline is terrible.That’s the logic of real estate market analysis.The key word here is “the news.”In recent months, news has been good for many, but in 2018 the market has been less rosy.While the price of oil has been dropping, the…

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How to get an apartment in Las Vegas real estate

Three people are asking for the right to live in the heart of Las Vegas.The group of four is asking to be let into the Westin Las Vegas Hotel and Casino, but they’re worried about how they’ll fare when they get to the doorsteps.It’s a sentiment shared by many other residents who live on the…

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Former President Trump: I won’t be doing Vegas’ new hotel deal

Former President Donald Trump says he will not be taking a Las Vegas hotel deal after all, but it won’t come as a surprise to anyone who has followed the president.Trump has not announced his intentions to take a deal with MGM Resorts International and Wynn Resorts, but he did say in an interview with…

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Which cities have the best real estate in Vegas?

Las Vegas is the city of dreams.But the real estate market is hotting up thanks to a string of recent deals, which have seen prices rise in the past few weeks.So let’s take a look at the five hottest cities in the world to buy or sell your next big home.1.Las Vegas, Nevada 1.4 million…

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How to find a property in the Montana Real Estate Market

This article first appeared on News.au.Read moreAbout News.me: The News.ie website is the home of news and current affairs.News.y is the place to find the latest news, analysis, and reviews.

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‘I am not a bad guy’: A woman who had her house raided in Las Vegas real estate fraud case

A woman accused of duping real estate agents into selling her home and then evading taxes has been sentenced to eight years in prison.Court documents obtained by CBC News show the 37-year-old woman, who has not been identified, pleaded guilty to five counts of tax evasion.Her husband, who is the owner of the home, also…

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