• August 23, 2021

How to Build a New York City Real Estate Landlord for $1.3M

A New York real estate developer has spent $1 million to build a new New York city landlord who’ll rent out your entire apartment for the next four years.Mark Schreiber has developed and sold rental apartments in cities around the world for the past six years.His website is TheRealLease.com, and it features the “premium” listings…

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Brazil: Trump says US will not back down on US aid to Brazil

AUSTIN, Texas — President Donald Trump told Brazil’s President Dilma Rousseff Wednesday that he was “very pleased” that Brazil has pledged $4 billion in new aid to help improve the country’s infrastructure.“We’re very pleased,” Trump told reporters in a brief news conference with his Brazilian counterpart.I think that it’s very important for Brazil to get…

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‘Not the best’ on ‘the worst’ for Alaska’s real estate market

Real estate prices in Alaska are on a sharp decline, as a number of factors have contributed to the market downturn.According to an analysis by Alaskan Real Estate Market Report, a group of analysts from The University of Alaska Anchorage, the number of active listings on the Alaska Real Estate website is at a new…

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Which states are most affordable for rental property?

In recent years, the U.S. real estate market has been flooded with rental properties from many of the country’s major cities.Many of the new properties, however, have been priced beyond the reach of many who are currently renting out their homes.In fact, some of the most expensive properties have been rented out for much less…

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Which U.S. Cities Are the Worst for Real Estate?

The real estate industry is struggling with an epidemic of home sales, a slowdown in construction and an unprecedented wave of job losses.But it also appears that the United States has some of the worst neighborhoods in the country.The latest data from real estate website Trulia shows that the country’s 20 biggest metro areas ranked…

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How to get an exclusive listing for your property on Airbnb, but still have the right to book it in the US or Canada?

If you want to book an exclusive Airbnb listing in the United States or Canada, you will have to pay a fee to the listing site.This is a “feeshark”, which means the listing is not a “bid”, but rather a “request”.The fee you pay is the difference between what the listing price would be if…

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