• September 3, 2021

The latest real estate listings

New York-based real estate website Zillow has launched its first real estate search engine that will be able to match listings for sale with real estate agents across the country.

Zillow said it is partnering with Real Estate Agent Search, a New York City-based search engine, to launch the search in the next two weeks.

“As an independent agency, we know our listings are important to our clients, and we know they are the first in a long line of important information that they want to know about the properties we are selling,” Zillows VP of marketing Brian Smith said in a statement.

“With this new tool, we will be connecting with thousands of agents across America to help you discover and book properties you can buy.”

Zillows launched its Zillogic real estate marketplace in March, which allows buyers to search listings by area and property types, as well as search for real estate professionals who specialize in specific real estate markets.

The search features a variety of property types and features a property-level listing and an interactive property-specific map.

Zilow launched the real estate market on its own in 2014 and in 2016, but has since been co-founded by the former CEO of eBay, Craig Federighi.

Zillowing is a division of Zillower Group.

Real estate agents will be joining the search engine in the coming weeks, and ZillOW will be rolling out a series of tools in the months ahead, according to Smith.

In the meantime, Zillomedia, the company’s real estate news service, will be providing a daily news section with a special section dedicated to real estate.

The site will feature real estate-related articles, reviews, and listings.

For more about real estate, check out our real estate articles.

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