• August 27, 2021

When a real estate career takes a twist – Inside the ‘Mafia’ of property agents

The story of one of the most powerful figures in real estate is being revealed as the mystery surrounding the death of his daughter is being investigated.

Key points:Gareth Bennett was a property agent for 20 years before his daughter was killedGareth was the owner of the family-run home in Dorset, which is now being used by the family of a murdered local womanThe family of the murdered woman say they are “deeply saddened”Gareth’s daughter, Kym, was last seen alive in November 2016 and her family believe she was murdered by her father.

In a bid to bring closure to their grieving loved ones, a new book is set to be published in April titled Gareth Bennett’s Daughter, and the Man Who Killed Her.

The book is titled, The Daughter of Gareth Bennett, and tells the story of the murder of the young woman.

The family is deeply saddened by the death, but are still not able to give up the mystery.

“There’s still a lot of speculation around this, which makes it very difficult,” said Mr Bennett’s son, Gareth.

“I’m really hoping that the book will help the family and the public to understand what really happened.”

Gareth has spent his life working in the industry and he said he had always wanted to become a realtor.

He was also a keen golfer and spent time with his daughters when he was growing up.

“My mother was a great golfer,” he said.

“We spent time in the park on the weekends and then I got involved with real estate.”

Mr Bennett was born in 1967 and was the son of an ironworker and a builder.

“When I was a kid I was always interested in politics,” he recalled.

“But I wasn’t allowed to do it.

I didn’t have the right to do that.”

Garett was educated at the Dorset School of Art, and became an artist when he moved to London in 1974.

He began his career in advertising in 1980, but moved on to real estate in 1987, with his son helping to manage the properties he helped build.

“Garet and I always had this love of the industry, and it really took off with the real estate industry, but it didn’t go anywhere for a while,” he explained.

“The real estate bubble burst in 2007 and it was like a shock.”

In 2008 I had a big job, and we were still very much into it.

“In 2010, Mr Bennett started a company called Kym Bennett in the Dene Valley, which he sold in 2012.”

He was really excited to sell his company, and he knew we were doing a big project and needed to get some investors,” Mr Bennett said.

He bought a house in Dene for the family, but the family’s life went downhill after Kym’s disappearance.”

Kym was last heard from on November 16, 2016,” Mr Bentson said.

Kym’s body was found in a field in Densfield, North Yorkshire in February 2017.

The body of Gareth was found on the morning of November 20, and his wife, Michelle, is still trying to piece together what happened to her husband.”

They are both incredibly worried about the family,” Mr Mitchell said.

Gareth, who had been on a honeymoon in the United Kingdom, has now lived in the country for more than three years.”

For Gareth and his family, the death has really devastated them,” Mr Bennetts son said.”[But] he’s a very nice person, and always wanted something to give back.””

The family have been devastated and grieving for a long time.

It’s been a tough few months,” he added.”

It’s very hard for them to wrap their head around what has happened.

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