• November 25, 2021

When California’s real estate bubble burst

Posted September 21, 2018 09:00:53A burst in California’s housing market has caused the state to fall behind other major U.S. markets in the last three months.

The California Real Estate Association says the market is “overvalued.”

California was the first to see a real estate market crash in the 1980s, as home prices soared, causing the state’s economy to implode.

It is still one of the biggest economies in the nation.

But real estate prices have since rebounded and are currently at the highest levels in the country.

According to a report by real estate website Zillow, California has lost over 3,500 housing units since the beginning of the year.

In May, the number of new housing units sold hit a record high of 2.1 million, a record for the first time since 2008.

In September, Zillows reported California’s vacancy rate was the highest in the world at 12.4%.

That is up from a 6.7% rate in March.

The state has seen the largest jump in vacancies in the first nine months of 2018, and the highest growth rate since December of 2015, Zellow reported.

Zillower says that is a big reason why the state has had a vacancy rate of 4.6% for the past three months, more than double the national rate of 2%.

While Zillovides figures are still in flux, the state is still losing market share to its neighboring states.

In fact, the nation’s largest market is California, which has more than quadrupled its population in the past decade.

The nation’s third largest state, which includes Los Angeles, is still seeing the biggest growth in population.

In fact, it has grown by more than 400,000 people, or 13% in the 11 years ending in 2017, according to the California Department of Finance.

California is also seeing more than 10,000 new residential construction permits issued, according the state.

That is the highest level of construction permits the state had ever seen.

Zellows data says that means construction is increasing by more homes every month.

It is not the only California state that has seen an increase in the number or value of new home sales.

The San Francisco Bay Area has also seen the biggest rise in new home purchases, with an average increase of 2,000 homes per month, according ZillOW.

Zillow says that California has seen a net increase in new housing sales of nearly 6,000 units each month, which is more than twice the rate of the nation as a whole.

It also shows that home prices are up faster in California than they are in most other states.

According the Real Estate Institute of California, the median home price in California has risen by more in the year since the start of the Great Recession.

But the median price is still only $180,000, below the national average of $298,000.

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