• May 24, 2021

Why is it so expensive to buy a house in Vermont?

Real estate broker John Schmitt says the cost of buying a house there is so high that it’s almost impossible to afford to live there.

“I’ve been a real estate agent for the last 12 years and have done the market in Vermont for 25 years,” Schmitt told Vice News.

“I can tell you that Vermont is not cheap.

It’s the highest cost in the state.”

Schmitt, who specializes in selling homes, says he’s seen an average price of $2.3 million on the town’s real estate market each year.

He estimates Vermont’s average house price in 2018 was $1.6 million.

Vermont was the site of a deadly shootout between the Los Angeles Police Department and two brothers in the early 1990s, leading to a major crackdown by police.

The city is also a hub for the California Peace Officers Association.

The Association has been at the forefront of the fight against gang violence in Vermonters.

Schmitt, a former Army Ranger, says the Vermont area is a “tough place” for young people because of its low crime rate and lack of police presence.

“The violence is much more limited and much less visible.

You don’t see many gangs here.

You can walk down any street and you’ll see somebody holding a gun,” Schumann said.

“You see people selling drugs and alcohol and stuff.

It doesn’t seem like the place where people would come and commit crimes.”

The lack of a crime rate has created a housing market where buyers are priced out of the area.

According to Schmitt’s broker, the price of a house sold in Vermo is around $1 million.

“It’s not a very affordable market for a lot of people.

You’re not going to see anybody making a lot more money than they do now,” he said.

Schmitt believes Vermont has a problem with its “broken windows” policy.

That means the city will crack down on some criminal activity if a property owner is suspected of having an illegal activity, such as drugs or prostitution.

In 2018, Vermont became the first city in the nation to pass a “broken window” ordinance that prevents the sale of more than $10,000 in one month of a property’s sale.

But Schmitt isn’t sure how the measure is working out.

“When it comes to the broken windows ordinance, you know, it’s not working.

There’s not any kind of effect,” he explained.

“There’s not one type of crime in Vermouth.

There are some violent crime that’s not going away.”

He believes Vermo’s new law could lead to a spike in crime, especially in older neighborhoods.

“They don’t have the resources to be able to stop it if it does occur,” he added.

“It’s just a question of time.”

Schmitt believes the city needs to have a more proactive approach to address Vermont crime.

He says Vermont needs to build stronger relationships with the community.

“We have to be proactive in making sure that people feel comfortable here,” he told Vice.

“We have no choice.”

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