• July 12, 2021

Why you should buy Belize realestate

The Belize Real Estate Commission (BREC) is pleased to announce the official listing of Belize’s most sought after real estate property, Belize Island Properties, which is located on Belizean Islands, in the city of Belmopan.BRECs latest official listing for Belize is available here.

The listing price is $1.75 million (approximately $5,400,000).

The property is located off of Belmar Highway in Belmopang Province.

The property has a 3.2-acre lakefront property, and the property features 3,000 square feet of commercial space.

It has a 1,500-square-foot master suite, and has three bedrooms, three bathrooms, a gym, a swimming pool, and a two-car garage.

The entire property includes a private patio, as well as a 1.5-acre landscaped yard.

The home is currently listed for sale for $5.5 million (approx. $2,800,000), with a sale price of $6.5,000.

The sale price includes the closing price.BRIEF LINKS:The BelizeReal Estate Commission has launched a new website that provides a wealth of information and information on Belizas most sought-after real estate properties.

The new website provides a comprehensive listing of all the properties available for sale in Belize, including a comprehensive list of properties available at the BREC’s Belize Office of Special Properties, including the Belize Islands properties.

You can learn more about the properties at the Belizes Office of Sustainability, which offers information on how to protect Belize from climate change, biodiversity, and other threats, as they relate to the BRI.

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